Welcome to Chemona®

Chemona® is a registered brand of Chemona Holding B.V. a leading global producer of specialised coatings.

Innovation is key to our progress and by applying cutting edge technology we are constantly enhancing our products and brands, improving their protective properties and functionalities.  

Our goal is to increase the size of our business while reducing our environmental impact and we wish to build a sustainable future for the long term with brands and products that aim at a more durable environment.




Our brands

Chemona® has currently developed a product line for Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies, the coatings are developed to protect surfaces & materials based on nanotechnology.

Chemona® is always looking for new partners and products to market worldwide. 





Nanocoat International is the exclusive importer of the product portfolio produced and developed by Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies.  

Nanocoat International delivers high quality coatings based on nano technology for the protection of many different surfaces.

Chemona® Nanocoat Technologies has been developing cutting edge Nanocoat Technology coatings for products and materials in different market segments for the past 15 years. The product portfolio is based on innovative Nano Technology specifically designed to be easily applied and extend the life of different surfaces.